Thursday, June 05, 2008

'Climate Change and the Fate of the Amazon'

Timmons Roberts circulates a note that the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B has recently released online for free download the full special issue on Climate Change and the Fate of the Amazon.

To coincide with publication, Royal Society Publishing has also set up an online forum, dedicated to the same subject.

Articles here. Forum here.

[In Papua New Guinea, a study finds that he countries forests were being cleared or degraded at a rate of 1.4% per year in 2002, increasing to 1.7% per year in 2007. If clearing and degradation continues unchecked, over half of the forest that existed when PNG became independent from Australia in 1975 will have been destroyed by 2021, according to the report. The Brazilian Amazon is losing forest at the rate of 0.9% per year (New Scientist).]

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