Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scolt Head Island

On 21 March I waded across Norton creek. An hour through marsh, sand and thick mud. This view, eastwards from the south side of the high dunes on the western part of the island, is towards towards Smuggler's Gap in the distance with Hut Marsh on the right:

And this is the view westward from the northern side the same dunes:

The view from those high dunes eastward and toward the sea:

Looking back to the high dunes from just above the beach on the northern side:

English Nature describes Scolt Head as "the prime example of an offshore barrier island in the UK...situated on a very dynamic coastline and...steadily growing westward."

Here is medieval glass showing the Man in the Moon at St Mary in Burnham Deepdale. A prayer on a pillar in the church begins: "O Thou who dwellest not in temples made with hands..." Scolt Head Island is right in front of you if you look north from the Saxon round tower of the church.

Snowdrops, still just about in flower in a spinney above Walsingham:

Later I wrote this.


Jon Jost said...

Sitting in the middle of gray not-yet-spring Seoul, with 12 million people surrounding me I am fucking jealous. I wish I were there in the solitude.

Caspar Henderson said...

Well, I hope you get off desolation row soon. Do the Koreans do cherry blossom?