Friday, June 24, 2005

Koran to quark

Michael Bond has a moderately interesting interview with Masoud Adib, head of philosophy at Mofid University in Qom in Iran (New Scientist, 25 June in print edition). Adib says:

Values from your religion should govern everything you do. In this there is no difference between Islam and other religions...You can have knowledge of a secular science within the framework of a religious life.

People tend to make two mistakes. One is to try to derive the details of life from religion - for example, looking to religion for the answers to why everything happens...The other is to loosen the religious framework so much that you think you can derive the ultimate aim of life from the empircal.

One of the major reasons a lot of Muslims do not do well in science is that they make the first mistake.

(full text behind barrier here)

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