Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hugo's help and hogwash

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is always entertaining and provocative. His interview with Democracy Now! is no exception. A proposal to sell about 10% of Venezuelan oil in the US cheaply to poor people fits the bill. You can just imagine the expressions on faces at the American Enterprise Institute.

But the interview, in which he speaks unchallenged, contains a fair amount of bullshit. For example :

"The consumerism of the world is unbearable. The world of the U.S. people must come to understand, how this country with 5 percent of the world population only, consumes 25 percent of the oil and the energy of the world. I mean that type of consumption is totally unbearable and this planet cannot stand it any more. When we realized that the price of oil went up beyond 50 dollars, we initiated another cooperation scheme. We have created, therefore, Petrocaribe and we are going to start with small Caribbean and Caricom countries, and the larger Antillas such as Cuba, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic".

On the one hand the US consumes too much oil and the planet (by which, presumably, he means the environment) "cannot stand it". On the other hand Venezuela must sell more oil to others.

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