Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On thy belly shalt thou go

"...it is not an infant-mother, infant-father, or infant-family template per se from which God concepts extended, but a more encompassing evolutionary program for avoiding and tracking predators and prey. It is an innate module for detecting agency and intention, whether good or bad. Moreover, unlike the actual world of nature, in religion's counterfactual and counterintuitive worlds one and the same deity can have the dual role of predator and protector, or prey and protector. These may well be humankind's most popular deities...Worship of serpent deities and would-be destroyers is at least as prevalent as God the Father and mother goddesses". (Scott Atran, In Gods We Trust, chapter 3)

23% of Americans view storms like Katrina and Rita as "deliberate acts of God" (Washington Post, 2 Oct)

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