Thursday, December 15, 2005

Consider the physonect siphonophore

Creatures from the other 71%: a narwhal, a baby gonatus oryx and a physonect siphonophore.

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Craeg said...

What I find entirely amusing is that its taken the boffins this long to work it out.

I can't remember when I posited what I believe is pretty obvious idea, that the narwhals tusk is indeed a sensory array of sorts.

Look at a dolphins melon, another very powerful sensory array for sonar.

Isn't it an obvious leap ? A long stiff rod, sitting in a very sensitive mounting. Did someone leave out the part about bone transmission of sound ?

Seal off your ear with one finger and gently tap your jaw with the other. Imagine if your jaw was six feet long and spent all its life surrounded by nice sound conductive water... "Duh !" :)