Monday, February 13, 2006

Iranian cat and mouse

Among the factors influencing a US or Israeli decision to attack Iranian nuclear and other facilities looks to be when (if?) a 1,000 MW reactor nearing completion at Bushehr is fully fuelled and goes critical sometime later this year. Or so I conclude from Iran: Consequences of a War by Paul Rogers.

If an attack really were thought to be imminent would the Iranians not already be moving key players and capacities into hidden and shadow facilities away from the obvious targets? Do they have the ability and resources to move fast enough?

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Caspar Henderson said...

Maybe we need to get a little less excited. The New York Times reports:

"Some conservatives at the Defense Department and Vice President Dick Cheney's office are known to be resigned to a nuclear-armed Iran and to argue that the best way to address that problem is by opening Iran to democracy and reform".

What exactly is the $85m that Rice is reported to be seeking to prod political change in Iran to be used for, and what could the consequences be?