Monday, August 21, 2006

Who smote?

I am happy to be alive on the day that Saddam goes on trial for the Anfal, one of the worst crimes of the 1980s in which more than 180,000 people were killed (see here and here). My three wishes are:
  • 1) may Saddam and others accused, if any, get a trial that is very clearly fair so that if convicted no reasonable person can doubt justice has been done;
  • 2) may it give pause to some Islamo-nutters and their fellow travellers to recall that the biggest killer in modern times of people ycleped Muslims was Saddam; and
  • 3) may the trial hearings help remind more people in the US and elsewhere of essential role of the Western powers in supporting Saddam when he was at the height of his tyranny.

In chastening times (see Hendrik Hertzberg, Frank Rich and Philip Gordon and Jeremy Shapiro) perhaps there is some possibility of progress on number three.

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