Friday, September 08, 2006

"Whatever it costs"

John Ashton argues on BBC online today that:
"We need to see the pursuit of a stable climate as an imperative to be secured whatever it costs through the urgent construction of a low carbon global economy, because the cost of not securing it will be far greater."
I have forwarded his piece to colleagues working on development issues, including in Africa. One responds that the ways Ashton chooses and describes his examples may undermine what may otherwise be a strong case.

This is something that it would be useful to examine further (including, perhaps, in context of

Climate change may be important, but on the morning this story appears, the most popular story on BBC online site is about a man forced to marry a goat.

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Anonymous said...

Goats are responsible for many problems by their presence and absence:

'Goat-free roads made me speed'

A Swiss man caught speeding on a Canadian highway has blamed his actions on the absence of goats on the roads.