Friday, April 06, 2007

IPCC censorship

A few minutes ago BBC environment correspondent Roger Harrabin reported from Brussels that the struggle continued through much of the night over the final draft of the IPCC's document describing likely impacts of climate change. He quoted a paragraph describing significant negative impacts on North America which has been struck out, and quoted the next paragraph describing some positive impacts on North America in the near term which has been kept it. (Note, please can someone post these on the web?)

Call me naive, but if this is as described it is beyond shocking. It does, of course, serve the kind of comfortable message found in places such as Gregg Easterbrook's recent article (see previous post)

[P.S. 9.40 BST - the document has been published. The BBC reports: 'Several delegations, including the US, Saudi Arabia, China and India, had asked for the final version to reflect less certainty than the draft.']

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the IPCC crew decided to rethink their statemens, and really focus on climate change. It may seem drastic, but I've had it with all the "don't use cars" theory. They did not even focus on the oceans and I don't think there is anyone that can say oceans are not inportant in the climate change discussion!