Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Modern Muslims

Laleh Bhaktiar's translation of the Koran may upset traditionalists. [Her] English text has removed derogatory references to Christians and Jews. It changes many of the most important words, even substituting the word "God" for "Allah", which she says is more inclusive. Most controversially, her Koran rejects the idea, in Chapter Four, verse 34, that men may beat their wives.

"The word for "beat" has 25 meanings", she says. "We need to look therefore at what Muhammad did. He didn't beat but walked away. So why are we saying 'beat' when we can say 'go away' - which is what he did.
-- from US Muslim women seek active faith role. (How do I beat thee? Let me count the ways)
"One of the team doing the revision said they are nearly finished," said Mustafa Akyol, an Istanbul commentator who reflects the thinking of the liberal camp in Erdogan's governing AK party. "They have problems with the misogynistic hadith, the ones against women. They may delete some from the collection, declaring them not authentic. That would be a very bold step. Or they may just add footnotes, saying they should be understood from a different historical context."
-- from Turkey strives for 21st century form of Islam.

P.S. not so modern: Osama bin London (plus video clip).

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