Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our fossil future

The Anglo-Dutch oil group is producing 155,000 barrels a day from tar sands, had plans to raise this to 500,000 barrels and has just formally applied for a licence to enable it to raise that figure to 770,000.
-- from Shell wants to produce five times more oil from tar sands.
Coal executives say they expect [U.S.] exports to reach 80 million tons this year, and with railroad and port improvements, to rise to as much as 120 million tons in the next few years.
-- from An Export in Solid Supply.

Ships queuing off Australia's biggest coal port, Newcastle, to load cargoes destined for China; at one point last June the line was 79 ships long.
-- from A ravenous dragon.

P.S. Maribo highlights a post from "In it" pointing out that [fossil] energy is unbelievably cheap.

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