Friday, April 25, 2008

Violence: clan, sect, state and the individual

Yared Diamond writes:
Daniel explained to me that Handas are taught from early childhood to hate their enemies and to prepare themselves for a life of fighting. “If you die in a fight, you will be considered a hero, and people will remember you for a long time,” he said. “But if you die of a disease you will be remembered for only a day or a few weeks, and then you will be forgotten.” Daniel was proud both of the aggressiveness displayed by all the warring clans of his Nipa tribe and of their faultless recall of debts and grievances.
Mohammed Siddique Khan said:
Look after your mother, she needs looking after. Maryam be strong, learn to fight - fighting is good. Be mummy's best friend. Take care of mummy - you can both do things together like fighting and stuff.
Willi Schludecker, who flew 120 bombing sorties over Britain, says:
I had to come [back to say sorry]. The past is coming back to me and we should never forget all that. We did not realise what we had done at the time.

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