Saturday, December 06, 2008

Peak interest?

Andy Revkin reports analysis by Maxwell Boykoff et al that suggests news coverage of climate change may be entering a 'trance'.

What's going on here?

In The Real Swindle, Boykoff quoted Revkin:
The media seem either to overplay a sense of imminent calamity or to ignore the issue altogether because it is not black and white or on a time scale that feels like news. This approach leaves society like a ship at anchor swinging cyclically with the tide and not going anywhere. What is lost in the swings of media coverage is a century of study and evidence....[Inadequate media translations of climate change have generated] probably more public confusion and cynicism about what is going on.
P.S. thunder from Kevin Watkins over Poznan

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Moderator said...

Perhaps interest is returning to a more stable lower level after the temporary excitement of Al Gore, IPCC and Stern. What exactly is the 'news' about climate change in 2008?