Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Not MY job'

James Lovelock warned at least eight years ago that, collectively, we have hardly begun to get or act together on climate change and global governance. John Beddington seems to agree. And when it comes to what really matters we are still stuck in a giant game of pass the parcel. Three examples this week: Europe shows every sign of procrastination/avoidance of its commitments to poor nations; China blames consuming nations (even though it is using them to grow rich); and Shell pulls out of solar and wind.

George Monbiot wonders what is going on at Shell. But surely there is no mystery. The corporation is following its bliss, aka money. At least its interest in 'new generation' biofuels appears to be honest (and these fuels may even be relatively good news). For decency's sake, however, Shell should cease to pretend that CCS will mitigate emissions from tar sands in the foreseeable future.

Here's to civil society pressure and a heap more technology.

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