Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Einstein's Gravediggers - again

The New York Times reports that James E. Hansen, a top NASA climate expert who twice briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on global warming, plans to criticize the administration's approach to the issue in a lecture at the University of Iowa tonight. He will say that a senior administration official told him last year not to discuss dangerous consequences of rising temperatures.

Hard to know what to say about this. I've nothing immediately to add to Einstein's Gravediggers, published in the Globolog series.

Further confirmation, as if it were needed, for the administration's contempt for what one of them described to Ron Suskind as "the reality-based community".

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Timmy said...

There's an interesting article in the current issue of "Physics Today", where Bush is asked how his administration is going to deal with "the scientificly-proven fact of global warming". His response is that "there remains great uncertainty" with regard to global warming.