Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Spin This!

The Note reported earlier today on NBC's apparent rebuttal of the New York Times story that the Kerry campaign have been using to spread fear and anger [see blog below, Suskind's Without a Doubt (1)].

NBC News, 25 Oct, suggested that 350 tonnes of explosives went missing from an Iraqi facility before April 10, 2003 — before U.S. troops ever got to the site in Iraq. This, says the Note, has led to "an avalanche of push-back from the Bush campaign last night. If the 101st Airborne Division was indeed there one day after liberation and they could not find any of the high grade explosives, that does cast doubt on the suggestion that the Bush Administration's alleged failure to plan for post-war eventualities was to blame".

"The NBC story does not exonerate the president", the Note continues, "but it does add context that rebuts, at least to some extent, the most hyperbolic charges that we heard yesterday".

How will the administration push back the news, filed 3pm UK time today, that the interim Iraqi prime minister, Ayad Allawi, said today that "negligence" by US-led forces brought about the massacre of 49 Iraqi soldiers last weekend?

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