Thursday, February 03, 2005

On being wise and being quiet

This is pleasant from Robin McKie:

If you looked for distinguishing features among those regarded as wise... two would stand out. One is experience... The other is caution with words: a ... commitment to thinking before you offer firm views. "I have often repented of speaking," said Xenocrates of Chalcedon, "but never of holding my tongue." Outstandingly gabby people rarely strike one as wise. "How can he get wisdom," asks the Book of Ecclesiasticus [sic] bitingly, "if his talk is of bullocks?".

Not talking too much bollocks, or bullocks for that matter (at least relatively speaking), are Timothy Garton Ash on Davos and John Vidal on Porto Alegre respectively, both on 3 Feb Guardian comment page.

Garton Ash was also good last week on differences between Ukraine and Iraq.

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