Monday, March 20, 2006


BBC Radio 4's Today Programme sounded like it had returned to the days when it was produced by grown up public intellectuals when this morning it featured a cage fight between Tariq Ali and Douglas Murray on what they had heard about Iraq.

Given the gravity of the stuff that happened this was not helpful. But even Tariq Ali doesn't deserve Douglas Murray who - if he continues to insist on the rotten apple theory of Abu Ghraib - could risk comparison with an absurd super-mini charicature of David Irving on the Final Solution (see "flexibility").

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Andrew Bartlett said...

It is interesting that you liken Dougas Murray to David Irving.

I have never understood anti-Semetic and neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers or minimisers. Surely, for people of that hateful mind, the idea that the Nazis did deliberately kill millions of Jews is a good thing?

Mind you, Murray has moved with the times. For him it is no longer Jews who threaten Civilisation, aided by degenerate European intellectuals, but Muslims.