Monday, July 30, 2007

Chinese floods

Xinhua is said to report that floods, mostly in southern and eastern China, have destroyed 452,000 homes and affected 119 million people. Chinese experts 'say the extreme weather conditions are all the result of climate change. The chief forecaster at China's meteorological administration, Wang Yongguang, said abnormal weather would continue to plague most parts of China this summer and in the years to come'.

So if this is what comes with about 0.7 C temperature rise, how will China cope with 2 or 3 C (see The New Normal)?

Even one of the least difficult, first best and most profitable options for reducing emissions -- increasing efficiency in the building stock -- seems to be beyond achievability in China at present (see Building for a cooler planet).

[See also Extreme weather brings flood chaos roud the world.]

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