Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot tips from the Pontiff

For [Avraham Burg,] the so-called head of the Zionist movement to say all this—to say, ‘Get another passport for your kids,’ It’s like the Pope giving sex tips...

...The question is, is [Israel] a good enough place to come back to when they are married and have children? Finally, the Israeli government has to confront its own crazies and create a national consensus on democratic ideals, enact a secular constitution, and really confront the settlers. So far, the government is only willing to say that it is making ‘painful’ moves. We are told that we have to grieve with the settlers, think about making deals, but quietly let on that we actually think these are the real Israeli pioneers. Bullshit. Avrum Burg might not express the need to change in the most effective way, but at least he has the courage to insist on it.
-- Avishai Margalit, quoted by David Remnick in Letter from Jerusalem: The Apostate.

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