Wednesday, January 02, 2008

'Cap and dividend'

A 'cap and dividend' proposal described by Peter Barnes, a founder of Working Assets, (Paying the Cost of Climate Control) seems to have similarities to Oliver Tickell's Kyoto2 and SuperKyoto. But it envisages a U.S. only frame rather than a global one.

P.S. 6 Jan: As Grist reports it, Obama puts the 100 percent auction idea into the mainstream.

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Will Howard said...

A parallel and identical in principle policy and campaign exists in the UK and Ireland called "cap-and-share". It has been worked up as a policy that is scalable to the global level by the think tank Feasta. See .

In Ireland it is the subject of serious study for a government policy to control non-EUETS emissions.

In the UK it could be the mechanism to ensure any cuts agreed under the Climate Change Bill.

More details and video / MP3 of Peter Barnes talking in UK recently at .

This seems to me the only approach that would ensure a high carbon price with popular support that would not crucify the poor. Remember it will have to last many decades.