Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Euro weenies and winners

...unsubstantiated prejudice masquerading as economic analysis is pervasive in the US business world....

There are indeed lessons that Europe can learn from the US, but...the statistics suggest that there would be much for Americans to learn from Europe, above all that the road to economic success does not entail widening inequality and impoverishing the working population.
-- from Ian Williams The world according to Wall Street

See too Ulrich Beck arguing that "a Europe based on the principles of cosmopolitan tolerance could form the template for a new global order".

And for U.S. perspectives see Pharyngula's I really don't understand Republicans and Paul Krugman on The Comeback Continent.

Of course Europe has plenty of problems, not least regarding the environment - e.g. fisheries. See NYT Empty Seas articles one and two.

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