Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheney's torture doctors

Earlier in [its] current series, All in the Mind heard from a psychology professor who resigned from the American Psychological Association or APA because of their refusal to ban their members from taking part in interrogations at CIA black sites like Guantanamo Bay. A hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee confirmed just a few weeks ago that psychologists had overseen interrogations which included extremes of temperature and waterboarding. Doctors, nurses and psychiatrists’ associations have all banned their members from taking part in interrogations at all, but the APA only prohibits psychologists specifically from torture, not from interrogations. For the seventy members who have resigned and the four hundred with holding their subs, this isn’t enough. Now one member, Professor Steven Reisner has decided the only way to get the organisation to change its mind, is to run for its presidency. All in the Mind [15 July] asked him what more he wants the APA to do.

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