Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Caucasian chess circle

Putin's Ruthless Gambit by Michael Klare on TomDispatch (Hat tip DP).

Useful, too, to re-read Stephen F. Cohen's The New American Cold War (to which TE refers in his intro to MK's article) - even if not to agree with every word of it (was it really a bad idea, for example, to include the Baltics and the Central European states in the EU?). Bear in mind also Mary Kaldor on Sovereignty, status and the humanitarian perspective and a great report from the ground in South Ossetia by Tanya Lokshina:
...Everyone is so pathetic. The Ossetian volunteers, who were teenagers just yesterday, and the Georgian student reservists (some soldiers they are - a few weeks of training, sing-alongs with a guitar, and then off to battle). Those corpses... Sure I saw them. This is August, and the temperature is over 30 degrees. The Ossetians buried their own, of course, but the Georgians were lying all over the city, naked and rotting...

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