Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monsters from The Id

A video released by Jewish Americans for Obama may help the guy win Florida, and that may be well and good. Its stresses that Obama's values and concepts are close to core ones in Jewish culture such as tikkun olam.

But the id rears its head too in footage of Obama emphasising before the swelling massed ranks of AIPAC, again and again, that he will do everything -- EVERYTHING -- in his power to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Obama must surely have understood that the message as heard by that audience was clear: he is ready to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran.

It is to be hoped that, if elected, Obama will stick to what he has said are his core values. This would translate into, among other things, respect for Iran's right to be secure and achieve political and social change on its own terms, the elimination of the threat of nuclear attack by ALL regional powers, and real justice and restitution for the Palestinians.

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