Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CCS and the boffins

An apparent contrast in views on carbon capture and storage between a Royal Society working group and David Mackay.

Going on the press release, the Society give as a prominent place to CCS. MacKay thinks it is the last thing we should talk about.

P.S. See correction in the comment attached to this post.


David MacKay said...

I think you've confused two different sorts of carbon capture... "CCS" often refers to carbon capture at power stations (where CO2 comes out at high concentrations). MacKay's
"The last thing we should talk about" is Capturing carbon dioxide from thin air,
which is a more costly and difficult thing to do because the CO2 is at such low concentrations. That's Chapter 31:
If you want to see what David MacKay thinks about "Clean coal with CCS", see Chapter 23:

Caspar Henderson said...

Ahh, that was foolish of me. Many thanks!