Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iran analysis

Danny Postel circulates four views:
Slavoj Žižek
We are witnessing a great emancipatory event... If our cynical pragmatism will make us lose the capacity to recognize this emancipatory dimension, then we in the West are effectively entering a post-democratic era, getting ready for our own Ahmadinejads.

Hamid Dabashi
We are witness to something quite extraordinary, perhaps even a social revolution... We need to adjust our lenses and languages in order to see better... This movement is ahead of our inherited politics, floating ideologies or mismatched theories.

Robert Fisk
Symbols are not enough to win this battle: It is indeed an 'intifada' that has broken out in Iran, however hopeless its aims.

Behzad Yaghmaian
A specter is haunting Iran, the specter of a bloody civil war... The democracy movement may become collateral damage in a larger war.

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