Monday, November 29, 2004

"The best activist in the Middle East"

"My plumber, the hero" is an outstanding piece by Daphne Baram (author of the important book Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel):

The wrongs that you see there tear you apart," says Ezra [Ezra Nawi, the plumber]. "I was attached to this community from the moment I came in contact with it, living like people in biblical times, working the land with the most primitive tools. And all of a sudden, they are in existential danger, prosecuted, having their fields burned, their wells poisoned, their elderly beaten and their land taken away from them. You can't just walk away."

Aviad Albert, a veteran activist, says he has seen many people get obsessively involved with their voluntary work but Ezra is something else. "I'm telling you, he is the craziest, and therefore the best, activist in the Middle East."

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