Friday, November 26, 2004

Blogging from Shiraz to Shenzhen

Early on 24 Nov I read and passed around Dan Gilmour's 21 Nov article "China bloggers Emerge, but not too loudly".

My colleague Solana Larsen said:

As in Iran, it sounds like the Chinese bloggers are sticking to very personal subjects. A high proportion of the most popular blogs in Iran are about sex too. The personal is political, and all that. Anyway, interesting to see if Chinese bloggers will pick up tips from Iran and shake things up in Beijing.

David Hayes said:

Good comparison, Solana - Fred Halliday always says that these are the two continuous 3000-year old west and east Asian civilisations with recent experience of convulsive revolution now in encounter with globalised modernity...there is more!

I asked for a guide to Iranian blogs. And Hoder Hossein, who knows Solana and Danny Postel, said:

Check out

Also the wikipedia page:

and my own blogs:

Since then, an article in New Scientist on the altogether more political and subversive bloggers in China here.

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