Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wesley Clark measuring success in Falluja

Following Wesley Clark's 15 Nov Washington Post article The Real Battle, reasonably intelligent and useful debate - albeit from a very US-centric perspective in Clark's online discussion. A model for some others?

Includes gritty down to earth stuff like the following:

Hailey, Idaho: Will a victory in Fallujah prove decisive in the struggle with Iraqi insurgents? Or will the insurgency simply pop up in other cities and keep the military in a continual game of whackamole in various Iraq locations? It sounds like many combatants may have slid out of the city already.

Wesley Clark: Unlikely that Falluja will be decisive...but it should stem the rising tide of insurgent activities for a little while. The insurgents have no other real bastion in Iraq, so the level of fighting, although it's spreading now, should contract shortly. For a while. That gives the political process a chance to grip, if it can.

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