Sunday, January 23, 2005


A year or two ago in Britain there was widespread concern at the release back into "the community" of convicted paedophiles who had served their time in prison. In some places, mobs were whipped into frenzy by Murdoch's willing executioners. And in one case (in South Wales, I think), a group of upright citizens trashed the offices of a paediatrician, thinking that the "paed-'" suffix denoted that she was a child-molester.

I feel like I imagine that paediatrician to have done after recent attacks on an article I wrote about the tsunami and future threats to humanity. (My article is here. The first attack, with my response visible if you scroll down, is here. The second attack, to which I responded by sending them my response to the first attack, is here).

The bare-faced misrepresentation of the arguments and the lack of willingness to engage with real world complexities is quite striking.

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