Monday, April 25, 2005

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right

If only it were so. But rather we have the BNP:

The BNP polled nearly a million votes in last June's European elections, but with immigration now high on the political agenda, [BNP Chairman, Nick] Griffin says he expects to lose votes to the Conservatives and Labour on 5 May, in the majority of the 118 seats the BNP is fighting.

"We are very happy that the old parties are now talking about these issues because in the long term what they will do is legitimise discussion of these issues and legitimise our position - and make the public realise they can talk about them, it's not taboo any more and, in the long run, they [the big parties] will raise expectations they cannot meet." (BBC, 24 April)

and Al Ghuraaba:

Therefore it is incumbent up you Oh Ulema and Imaam's [sic] to enact the follwing:

- forbid the Muslims in your area from participating in the elections that will take place on May 5th;

- Explain to Muslims that it is an act of Apostasy and Shirk [sic] for any Muslim to vote (for a Kaafir or a Muslim) in the upcoming elections;

bla bla bla bla ad infinitedium

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