Saturday, April 16, 2005

Why this blog?

Good to have a coffee with Danny Postel yesterday, and talk about many things. He asked me about this blog - what was it for?

Answer - it's not much more what people used to call a commonplace journal. Do people still understand that phrase?

I quoted what Samuel Beckett said when someone asked why he wrote in French. As I recall, it was: pour se faire remarquer.

My French is poor and I have this in my head as meaning "to notice myself". But was Beckett saying "to be noticed"?

I have not been blogging for over a month. In some circumstances that could have been a good thing. James Crabtree likes to quote William Gibson on the dangers of blogging for a writer - it's like taking the lid off a kettle: the release means it never boils.

But in my case at this particular time it not been a good thing.

Time with Danny is time well spent. (As is time with James!)

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