Saturday, April 23, 2005

The perfect symbol a culture of emboldened stupidity

Matt Taibbi has a hilarious review of Thomas Friedman's new book here.

"Man travels to India, plays golf, sees Pizza Hut billboard, listens to Indian CEO mutter small talk, writes 470-page book reversing the course of 2000 years of human thought."

Thomas Friedman on flatness is "like letting a chimpanzee loose in the NORAD control room; even the best-case scenario is an image that could keep you awake well into your 50s".

Francis Wheen got Friedman in one in Mumbo Jumbo, where he recounts Friedman sauntering up the [Thai Prime Minister?] and telling him how he has news for him as now owns the country as a global shareholder. "How does it feel Mr Prime Minister?" ask Friedman - or some such. How it is the PM didn't throttle him, says Wheen, is a wonder.

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