Sunday, July 17, 2005


The breathtaking weather today - brilliantly clear bright light - connects this place to the distant hills and mountains of the island, today bathed in sunshine over hundreds of miles.

Summits and gullies, old trees, rocky shores: I feel almost sick that I am not treading there, breathing the air, instead of filed away in a concrete, brick and tarmac slot in a city.

Was it just a moment ago that I was high on a ridge in Karakorum looking towards K2? Is a dream gone as soon as you turn to look at it?

"The question for designers of what is dubbed The Next City is how to love all species all the time" (Eco designs on future cities).

"If you represent the Earth's lifetime in a single year, the 21st Century would be a quarter of a second in June" (Martin Rees)

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