Monday, July 11, 2005

To him that hath

Israel, already the largest recipient of US aid by far, is likely to receive an additional $2.2bn for withdrawing from the Gaza strip. (BBC, 11 July).

Israel already receives $3bn annually in direct aid. That's about $600 a head (assuming 5 million people in Israel). By contrast, sub-Saharan Africans in abject poverty receive between $1 and $2 per head in US aid (closer to $1, if Jeffrey Sachs is correct).
Israel also receives very substantial military and other forms of US support.

The news comes just after reports that a barrier in Jerusalem will cut off 55,000 Arabs. Greg Myre reports in the New York Times (11 July):

"Israel's separation barrier in Jerusalem will cut off 55,000 Palestinian residents from the rest of the city, Israeli officials acknowledged [on 10 July]. Palestinians responded sharply, saying they will face daily complications in reaching jobs, schools and hospitals".

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