Monday, May 14, 2007


An oD alumnus and an oD associate on CiF: Caspar Melville on Saturday and Danny Postel today. Both good.

Also on CiF a welcome outburst of refusal-to-be-beaten-down-by-mere-reality optimism from Khaled Diab:
And here lies the biggest potential weapon in the Arab arsenal: militant peace. Arabs should dialogue directly with Israelis and tell them clearly and unequivocally that they want to live alongside them in warm peace once they reach a settlement with the Palestinians and Syrians.

Paranoia was the name of the game during the Cold War in Europe. After the Iron Curtain fell, people were confounded that we ever feared the other side so much, especially with many of our former "enemies" now members of the EU. I am optimistic that the same will occur in the Middle East once the Zion Curtain is lifted.

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